From Trees to Treasures

From Trees to Treasures!

Big Oak Carvings

I had the fortune of aquiring some really HUGE oak logs which I put in front of my house and it has been a several year process to carve them.  The first one became a 7 and a half foot tall bear leaning on a stump in the fall of 2009. The shorter and wider one is 6 ft tall and almost 5 ft across and became a moose in the fall of 2010. (see pictures below). The taller one in the back is 10 ft tall and is in progress and becoming a lion on rocks and will have some other smaller animals below but ideas are still being developed.

The moose is carved and on the loose !!

Lion Sculpture in Progress
I hoped to finish my tall oak lion before winter set in but I didn't get it done so it is currently 3/4 way complete and tarped until warmer weather allows me to complete it.

The two large oak bears shown below were carved from logs from the same huge old oak tree! These were completed in the fall of 2008. The first bear shown is in my front yard. He is 7 and a half feet tall. 


Oak Logs Before Carving

Finished Bear Carvings

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